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Yusuke Sakuraba
Yusuke Sakuraba
Age 24
Height 175cm/5'9"
Weight 56kg/125lbs
Come over here. My arms feel empty without you in 'em.

Yusuke Sakuraba (桜庭裕介 Sakuraba Yūsuke) is a student and a potential romance option in Kiss Me on Clover Hill. He is a painting student in the Department of Art at the Mukaigaoka College of Art and one of your roommates at Clover Hill.

Biography Edit

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Characteristics Edit

Yusuke Sakuraba is generally cheerful, exuberant, and often playful. He enjoys joking around, and treasures the ability to make others smile and laugh. However, it appears he simply projects an image of wholesome happiness. In reality, his flawlessly crafted facade hides a person who is genuinely melancholic due to an incident that happened during his senior year at Mukaigaoka.

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