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Yuma Akagi
Yuma Akagi
Height 177cm/5'11"
Not all butlers are saints, you know.

Yuma Akagi (赤城佑馬 Akagi Yuuma) is a servant and potential romance option in Butler Until Midnight. He serves as the chief servant of the Ichijo household and as your personal butler.

Biography Edit

Yuma Akagi was born on July 7th to parents of unknown statuses.

Characteristics Edit

Yuma Akagi is a world-class butler, portraying great finesse, elegance, and charisma. His professional demeanor, however, only disguises behavior to that of an oresama; egotistical and self-centered yet oddly charming. Although he is arrogant, he does display warmth, gentleness, and affection. Yuma values loyalty above anything else and is loyal not only to his master, but to his friends as well.

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Trivia Edit

  • Yuma is fascinated with astrology.
  • Yuma is allergic to dogs.