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Wilfred A. Spencer
ウィル A. スペンサー
Wilfred A. Spencer
Age 25
Occupation Crown prince
Height 177cm/5'10"
I swear... my steadfast and true love.

Wilfred A. Spencer (ウィル A. スペンサー U~iru A. Supensā) is a prince and potential romance option in Be My Princess. He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Philip in Be My Princess and the grandfather of Hayden A. Spencer in Be My Princess 2. He is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto in Be My Princess: Drama CD and Takahiro Sakurai in Be My Princess: Love Tiara.

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After attending the party, you return home to find your apartment ablaze. Fortunately, you call up the old man you met in the park earlier that day for help. You then find yourself a guest of the King and Queen of the Phillip Kingdom. As you try to make yourself useful around the castle, you find yourself drawn to the quiet Prince Wilfred. Unfortunately, his butler does not approve. And things get more complicated when Wilfred’s adorable fiancee comes into the picture…

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