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Tomoki Matsuba
Tomoki Matsuba
Height 176cm/5'9"
Family Itsuki Matsuba (brother)
I've never served a civilian like you before.

Tomoki Matsuba (松葉智希 Matsuba Itsuki) is a servant and potential romance option in Butler Until Midnight. He serves as your personal butler in the Ichijo household.

Biography Edit

Tomoki Matsuba was born on April 14th to parents of unknown statuses. He is the eldest of two children; Itsuki is his youngest brother. Tomoki comes from the Matsuba family, a family relatively well-known for their generations of exquisite, thoroughbred butlers.

Characteristics Edit

Tomoki is proud of his family lineage and strives for absolute excellence in his work. In order to achieve this, he is portrayed as the epitome of elegance and intelligence as well as strictness and coldness. However, beneath his impenetrable poker face and harsh persona, lies genuine delicacy and softness.

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