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Takeshi Yuno
Takeshi Yuno
Age 17 (Season one)
20 (Season two)
27 (Season three)
Height 175cm/5'9"
Weight 68kg/152lbs

Takeshi Yuno (湯野剛史 Takeshi Yuno) is your osananajimi, athlete, and potential romance option in Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. His family, the Yuno's, own the bathhouse in Kichijōji.

Biography Edit

Takeshi Yuno was born on October 10th in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan and was raised in the neighborhood of Kochijōji.

Season One: High School Edit

Takeshi is a junior at your high school. He runs for the track team and works part-time at his family's bath house.

Season Two: 3 Years Later Edit

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Season Three: 10 Years Later Edit

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Characteristics Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Takeshi's birthday is October 10th.