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Takamune Kitami
Takamune Kitami
Nicknames Taka
Age 24
Height 182cm/6'1"
Weight 76kg/167lbs
I want to stay like this for a little longer...

Takamune Kitami (北見隆宗 Kitami Takamune) is an athlete, your osananajimi, and a potential romance option in My Last First Kiss. He plays as a forward on West Tokyo FC, a football team located in Tokyo, Japan.

Biography Edit

Takamune Kitami was born to parents of unknown statuses in Tokyo, Japan.

Takamune transferred during his sophomore year to another high school who recruited him for their football program.

Characteristics Edit

Takamune Kitami is brusque and blunt. He is portrayed as stoic and serious, which, in an unforeseen turn of events, made him popular amongst girls throughout his life.

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