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Sweet Cafe
恋 Cafe
Sweet Cafe
Release date 15 February 2015 (ENG)
Rated Teen (12+)

Sweet Cafe (恋 Cafe Koi Cafe) is an app developed and published by Voltage. The app was released on Apple and Android devices on 15 February 2015 in English. Sweet Cafe features limited edition stories and images of your favorite Voltage characters that are only available on the app. You can access these special images and stories using "Voltage Tickets" or playing "Coin Drop."

Features Edit

Voltage Tickets Edit

Voltage Tickets are tickets that are used to access stories in Sweet Cafe. They are available for purchase in the Sweet Cafe store, or they're given as a gift when you purchase stories from Voltage games that are featured in the app. Once you link the games to Sweet Cafe, you will get tickets for your purchases, whether or not they were purchased prior to downloading the app. The amount of tickets you receive for each purchase depends on the stories you purchased. (For example, main stories receive 3-5 tickets whereas epilogues receive 1-3 tickets.) These tickets may also be used to purchase items in the Coin Drop game.

Coin Drop Edit

Coin Drop is a mini-game featured in Sweet Cafe. You can earn "love presents," which includes limited edition stories, images, love letters from the characters, characters to greet you on the home page, and even outfits to dress up those characters. Limited edition Sweet Cafe images and certain stories are only available as a prize in Coin Drop. Hideki Ishigami from Her Love in the Force and My Sweet Bodyguard is a character you can win playing Coin Drop.

Character greeting Edit

Sweet Cafe gives you the ability to be greeted by your favorite Voltage character every time you log on to the app. He will talk to you throughout the day and moves when you tap the screen. Ichigo Sato from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, Minato Okouchi from Our Two Bedroom Story, and Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter From Thief X are just some of the characters ready to greet you.

Featured games Edit

The following is a list of Voltage games that are featured in Sweet Cafe:

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