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Sora Hirosue
Sora Hirosue
Height 170cm/5'7"
Weight 61kg/136lbs
Sora Hirosue signature (1)

Sora Hirosue (広末そら Hirosue Sora) is a sergeant and a potential romance option in My Sweet Bodyguard.

Biography Edit

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Main story Edit

You’ve chosen Sora as your bodyguard. However, before the two of you even leave the Prime Minister’s residence, he starts receiving calls. From women. It doesn’t take you long to realize how popular he is with women. However, he assures you that he will be a professional and treat you like a client. Will Sora stop talking to his many girlfriends long enough to protect you? And why does it bother you when he flirts with other girls? And what’s with Voltage’s obsession with panties in this story?

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Trivia Edit

  • Sora was born on July 20th. Additionally, he shares his birthday with Yamato Kougami.