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Seiichirou Hayami
Seiichirou Hayami
Occupation CEO (Interim), Sanno Corporation
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Seiichirou Hayami (速水誠一郎 Hayami Seiichirō) is your superior and a potential romance option in My Wedding and 7 Rings. He was the secretary to the chief executive officer of Sanno Corporation prior to his death and is now the interim CEO of the company.

Biography Edit

Seiichirou Hayami was born on January 11th to an alcoholic father and a mother of unknown status. Due to his alcoholism, his father was an embarrassingly flighty person, unable to maintain steady employment and his mother suffered greatly as a consequence. This inspired Seiichirou to dedicate his life to his academics and athletics throughout his school years.

He continued to dedicate his life to his responsibilities upon joining Sanno Corporation approximately twelve years ago.

Characteristics Edit

Seiichirou is very serious, oftentimes stoic, and hard working.

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