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Sakuya Nanahoshi
Sakuya Nanahoshi
Age 28
Height 177cm/5'10"
Weight 69cm/154lbs
Family Kiyoharu Nanahoshi (brother)
I don't know if I “love” you or not. All I know is I want to be with you... Is that okay?

Sakuya Nanahoshi (七星朔夜 Nanahoshi Sakuya) is an investigator and a potential romance option in True Love Sweet Lies. He works as a detective for Fuse Investigations, a detective agency founded by Nozomu Fuse located in Tokyo, Japan.

Biography Edit

Sakuya is the youngest of two children. His brother, Kiyoharu, is his fraternal twin and is older than him by 2 minutes. When they were in junior high, their parents died and their lives drastically changed thereafter.

Following the events of his parents deaths, one of the family maids took advantage of him. This incident caused him to become distrusting and hateful towards women.

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The incident happened when he was living in America. The maid, Catherine, was someone Sakuya cared deeply for and looked up to. After the death of his parents, her personality changed and she began to recklessly spend their inheritance. One night, she brought a strange man into their home. When Sakuya caught her, she attacked him and forced a kiss upon him.

As a result, he suffers from intense flashbacks of the memory whenever a woman touches him without his consent. He eventually stopped acknowledging women as women altogether. Instead, he thinks of and refers to women, including you, as "Thing X" as a self-defense mechanism in order to protect himself from further trauma.

Characteristics Edit

Sakuya is technologically talented, specifically with computers. He is an expert hacker, frequently involved with the circumvention of computer security and unauthorized remote computer break-ins via communication networks, such as the Internet. His technological abilities are so advanced, he received an engineering scholarship at university.

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Trivia Edit

  • Sakuya wears a single earring on his right earlobe. However, the earring is either completely missing or is on his left earlobe in some of his artwork.