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Ryuzo Hatta
Ryuzo Hatta
Age 18 (Season one)
21 (Season two)
28 (Season three)
Height 177cm/5'10"
Weight 72kg/160lbs
“I want to keep you in my arms forever... I will never, ever let you go.”

Ryuzo Hatta (八田竜蔵 Hatta Ryuzo) is your osananajimi, an agricultural student, and potential romance option in Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. His family, the Hatta's, own the local produce store in Kichijōji.

Biography Edit

Ryuzo Hatta was born on August 31st in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan to Ryuzaburo Hatta, the owner of the local produce store, and his wife. Ryuzo is the eldest of four kids; he has two sisters, Rika and Rino, and a brother, Ryunoshin.

Season One: High School Edit

Ryuzo is a senior at your high school and works part-time as a sales associate at his fathers produce store.

Season Two: 3 Years Later Edit

Ryuzo begins studying agriculture at a local university, hoping to own his fathers store someday, and continues to work part-time as a sales associate.

Season Three: 10 Years Later Edit

Coming soon...

Characteristics Edit

Ryuzo is the oldest of your friends and has acted as the leader of the group since you were kids. He is protective of his friends, and especially of you. Ryuzo is very pure and innocent in Season One: High School, often blushing from simply touching you and becoming extremely flustered to the point where he speaks incoherently at the thought of "inappropriate" acts.

Being the leader of your group of friends since childhood and growing up as the eldest child in his family has allowed him to become exceptionally skillful with taking care of children.

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