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Roberto Button
ロベルト バトン
Roberto Button
Age 25
Occupation Crown prince
Height 177cm/5'10"
Hey, what do you say we ditch this party?

Roberto Button (ロベルト バトン Baton Roberuto) is a prince and a potential romance option in Be My Princess. He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Altaria in Be My Princess and the grandfather of Oliver Button in Be My Princess 2.

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He enjoys fun and jokes. He is the most easy-going of the 6 princes but he can be very serious at times, and can also be selfish. His butler is Alberto, and he tends to give Alberto a hard time with the things he does.

Roberto is a sweet, charming and calm prince. However, due some circumstances, he could be a serious teaser. He is indeed a fun and caring prince and tends to care a lot about the main character. He respects women and like to joke around. Though, he becomes very selfish sometimes. He's very carefree and misunderstands things. When he obviously has romantic feelings toward the MC, he would call her 'friend', obviously not just a friend.

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