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Pirates in Love
Pirates in Love
Release date 25 June 2011 (JP)
29 July 2011 (NA)
Rated Teen (12+)

Pirates in Love is an interactive romance novel developed and published by Voltage. The game was released on Apple and Android devices on 25 June 2011 in Japanese and 29 July 2011 in English. It was the 1st game released in English as part of Romance Sims.

Plot Edit

While your employer is out, you are working in a bar when you are harassed by some thugs and end up being saved by two pirates. You run away from the scene and end up getting chased by the same thugs. You then hide inside a barrel and get taken aboard a ship sailed by the Sirius crew. When you are discovered you learn that you out at open sea and the captain asks you which crew member you want to room with since there are no spare rooms.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Russell: Known as "Russell, the Two Sword Fencer," he is one of the crew members on board Sirius.
  • Eduardo: The navigator aboard the Sirius ship.
  • Christopher: The doctor on board Sirius.
  • Nathan: The chef on board Sirius.
  • Thomas: The newest member of Sirius, aside from the protagonist.
  • Captain Morgan: Known as The Pirate King, he is the captain of the Sirius crew.
  • Captain Alan: The captain of The Rika.
  • Navy Captain Leonardo: A naval captain.

Gallery Edit

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