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Our Two Bedroom Story
Our Two Bedroom Story
Release date 14 September 2013 (JP)
17 January 2014 (NA)
Rated Teen (12+)

Our Two Bedroom Story (上司と秘密の2LDK, Jōshi to Himitsu no 2LDK) is an interactive romance novel developed and published by Voltage. The app was released on Apple and Android devices on 14 September 2013 in Japanese and 17 January 2014 in English.[1] It was the 14th game released in English as part of Romance Sims. Additionally, it is a featured game in Sweet Cafe by Voltage.

Plot Edit

You are a 26 year old woman employed at Shiki Publishing as a magazine editor for Chess Monthly. Your mother, single since the death of your father approximately two decades ago, has fallen in love again and is planning on remarrying. Not wanting Not wanting to cause any awkwardness by being underfoot in the newlyweds' household, you decide it's time to find a place of her own, and is delighted when your step-father offers you the use of a house that he owns. There's just one problem: the house is already occupied by your new step-brother... who happens to be one of your newest colleagues. Rather than being turned away with nowhere else to stay, he agrees to share the house, on the condition that they keep it a secret from their co-workers to avoid problematic workplace gossip. But between sharing living space and working together, it's all but impossible not to end up getting closer than either of them expected, with all the problems that comes with it.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

Secondary characters Edit

  • Mother: Your mother who married the father of one of your co-workers.
  • Bianchi: Coming soon...
  • Tamaki Horiguchi: One of your co-workers and friends at Shiki Publishing.

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