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Nozomu Fuse
Nozomu Fuse
Age 35
Height 175cm/5'9"
Weight 68kg/150lbs
Is it okay for me to hold you...? You are everything to me.

Nozomu Fuse (布施望 Fuse Nozomu) is the chief of a detective agency, a former Interpol agent, and potential romance option in True Love Sweet Lies. He is the chief of Fuze Investigations, a detective agency located in Tokyo, Japan.

Biography Edit

Nozomu Fuse was born on March 7th. Prior to starting Fuse Investigations, he was a law enforcement officer for the National Police Agency in Japan. It was at the National Police Agency where he met Commissioner Namioka, the head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and the unknown man photographed in your crime scene photos. He was hired as a detective at Interpol due to his connections with the commissioner and he soon relocated to Lyon, France, where their headquarters are located.

Eventually, he quit working as a detective for Interpol and returned to Tokyo, Japan where he began Fuse Investigations. Since then, he's worked as the chief and mainly focuses on paperwork rather than fieldwork.

Season One Edit

Pictured Incident Edit

It was revealed that Nozomu was romantically involved with his partner, Rika Totsuka, while he was a detective at Interpol. She was killed protecting him from gunfire during a confrontation with a fleeing suspect. Later, he was told that she found evidence of corruption among the higher ranking detectives at Interpol and was murdered to protect those detectives. Nozomu quit working for Interpol shortly thereafter, unable to serve for the organization responsible for her death, and moved back to Japan. It was then that he started his own detective agency, Fuse Investigations, as a way to investigate his late lovers case secretively.

Characteristics Edit

Unlike the other detectives, his kindness towards you isn't because he ultimately hopes to deceive you; he is genuinely a caring and thoughtful person.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nozomu, along with Naomasa, undergoes a change in his age when his story was released in English. In Shinjitsu no Koi wa Amai Uso Kara, he is 39 years old.