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My Sweet Bodyguard
My Sweet Bodyguard
Release date 21 September 2011 (JP)
11 March 2012 (NA)
Rated Teen (12+)

My Sweet Bodyguard (恋人は専属SP Koibito wa Senzoku SP) is an interactive romance novel developed and published by Voltage. The game was released on Apple and Android devices on 21 September 2011 in Japanese and 11 March 2013 in English.[1] Additionally, it was released on Facebook on 27 March 2013,[2] making it Voltage's first interactive romance novel to become available through Facebook, although it was discontinued in late 2013. It was the 7th game released in English as part of Romance Sims. Additionally, it is a featured game in Sweet Cafe by Voltage.

Plot Edit

A new Prime Minister has just been announced when you get accosted by a man wielding a gun in the street. Luckily, a strange girl wrestles with the man until he gives up and runs away. Before you know it, you are hustled into a helicopter by a random handsome guy – Subaru. Once inside, he attempts to boss you around until you slap him. You end up slapping him so silly that he responds by hugging you. A second guy – Mizuki – on the helicopter offers you some chocolate and hums a song in an effort to calm you during the rest of the ride.

Once you land, you meet the man in charge – Katsuragi – and reunite with a childhood friend – Kaiji. You are finally informed of the fact that you are the new Prime Minister’s daughter, and your life is in danger. You must choose a bodyguard to protect you until you are no longer threatened.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Subaru Ichiyanagi: A lieutenant who graduated from Harvard University working under Katsuragi.
  • Kaiji Akizuki: Your childhood friend and police sergeant working under Katsuragi.
  • Sora Hirosue: A police sergeant working under Katsuragi..
  • Mizuki Fujisaki: An ex-pop star and police sergeant working under Katsuragi.
  • Daichi Katsuragi: The Chief Inspector and leader of the team of body guards responsible for your safety.
  • Hideki Ishigami: The Deputy Inspector of the Public Security Division.
  • Seiji Goto: A lieutenant for the Public Security Division and ex-coworker of Subaru's.
  • Toru Kurosawa: A sergeant for the Public Security Division.

Secondary Characters Edit

  • Kenta Makabe: A police officer that patrols and guards the Prime Minister's mansion.

Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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