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My Last First Kiss
My Last First Kiss
Release date 5 March 2015 (JP)
1 September 2015 (NA)
Rated Teen (12+)

My Last First Kiss (大人の初恋はじめます Otona no Hatsukoi Hajimemasu) is an interactive romance novel developed and published by Voltage. The game was released on Apple and Android devices on 5 March 2015 in Japanese and 1 September 2015 in English.[1] It is the 28th game released in English as part of Romance Sims. Additionally, it is a featured game in Sweet Cafe by Voltage.

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  • Prior to the release of My Last First Kiss in English, Voltage surveyed fans to determine its English title. Fans had to choose from a list of three titles to become the games official one. The choices were: This Time With You, My Last First Kiss, and My Love & Best Friend.

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