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Makoto Morimachi
Makoto Morimachi
Nicknames Mako
Age 26
Height 180cm/5'11"
Weight 66kg/146lbs
Family Riku Morimachi (brother)
If you say you like me, I won't let you go again.

Makoto Morimachi (森町誠 Morimachi Makoto) is a graduate student, researcher, childhood friend, and potential romance option in My Last First Kiss. He works as a teachers assistant and is a doctoral candidate at Tokyo University.

Biography Edit

Makoto Morimachi was born in Tokyo, Japan to parents of unknown statuses and is the eldest of two children; Riku is his sibling and a novice photographer.

In middle school, Makoto served as the student council president.

After graduating high school, Makoto transferred to a university in America to become a researcher. While studying abroad, he interned for a few multi-national corporations in their research and development departments.

Makoto is currently a doctoral candidate at Tokyo University, specializing in the science of flavors.

Season One Edit

Main Story Edit

It is revealed that Makoto was inspired to become a researcher due to an interaction involving you that happened during childhood.

Characteristics Edit

Due to his age, Makoto Morimachi has been considered the “big brother” of the group since childhood. He possesses traits similar to that of a big brother: protective, reliable, understanding, supportive, and overall thoroughly caring. Additionally, he is incredibly intelligent as well as inventive.

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