Special story
What if... Riki
Riki Yanase - What if... Riki (1)
Episodes 3
Ending(s) 1
Price $2.99

What if... Riki is a special story from Love Letter From Thief X featuring Riki Yanase. This story includes one (1) special image.

Boss's friends medical research has been stolen! The Black Foxes will have to sneak into a hospital to get it back... including you, disguised as a nurse! Be careful not to get in Dr. Riki's way; playing dress-up in a hospital is sure to pose some unique challenges for a hot-blooded guy like him! A "what if Riki weren't a thief?" special story!

"What if... Riki", Love Letter From Thief X

An important medical study announcing the discovery of a new, innovative medicine was stolen from a doctor, a friend of Atsumu. The culprit is 68 year old Kenji Bibutagawa, the notoriously greedy director of Bibutagawa Hospital, who aims to exploit the study for popularity. Atsumu sends The Black Foxes undercover to retrieve the medical research before its announcement. He assigns Riki as the role of a doctor due to his extensive knowledge of hospitals and medical equipment... and assigns you to play the role of a nurse. While The Black Foxes infiltrate the hospital to reclaim the research, seeing Riki perform the duties of a doctor makes you think of what it would have been like if he were a doctor instead... and seeing you dressed as a nurse makes him inclined to show you.