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Kyosuke Narumi
Kyosuke Narumi
Age 32
Height 182cm/6'0"
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Kyosuke Narumi (鳴海匡介 Narumi Kyosuke) is a doctor and a potential romance option in Kiss of Revenge. He is a physician in the Internal Medicine Department at Ebisu General Hospital in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan.

Biography Edit

Kyosuke is the son of the head nurse at Ebisu General Hospital, Nurse Narumi. His father, however, died when he was young. As a child, he was very weak and couldn't play like other kids who were his age. This lead to Kyosuke being hospitalized often.

Spoiler alert! Please exercise caution while reading the following in order to avoid important details of the plot development being revealed.
It was during a hospital visit at Ebisu General Hospital when he met Kazuki. They became best friends instantaneously and remained friends throughout the years. As Kyosuke became stronger, Kazuki remained burdened with his illness. Consequently, he vowed to become a doctor so he could help his best friend recover.

After completing high school, Kyosuke earned admission into Antoku Medical School. After he graduated from Antoku, he was employed as a physician in the Internal Medicine Department at Ebisu General Hospital.

Season One Edit

Main Story Edit

Spoiler alert! Please exercise caution while reading the following in order to avoid important details of the plot development being revealed.
When the time came to attend university, he failed repeatedly in receiving admission to multiple medical schools. After failing an exam, he was prepared to retake it when he received an acceptance letter from Antoku Medical School. He was unaware at the time of acceptance but the Director used his influence to get him admitted.

However, Kyosuke learned of the Directors interference with his admission eventually, along with the events leading to it.

Apparently, Nurse Narumi was the nurse present during Misae Maeshiro's failed operation. In order to keep his medical error under wraps, Director Sezaki threatened to fire her and use his connections to ensure she doesn't work at another hospital if she didn't make him a promise. She was a widowed, single mother trying to support Kyosuke's dream of becoming a doctor, so she reluctantly agreed to keep his secret. Subsequently, that was when Kyosuke received his acceptance letter.

He was under the impression that his mother promised to cover up the Directors malpractice in exchange for his admission to medical school. Because of this, he felt burdened and believed he used a patient as a step-ladder to his success. In reality, the Director intervened on his own behalf. Without her knowledge, Director Sezaki intervened and got him admitted into Antoku Medical School.

After he became a doctor at Ebisu, his best friend Kazuki appeared to look healthier and Kyosuke genuinely thought he was recovering. However, two years ago, he relapsed and eventually died. Although he was overworked at the time, Kyosuke blames himself for not noticing his symptoms and reacting sooner. This incident caused him to lose his confidence as a doctor.

Another Story Edit

Kyosuke applies for Ebisu General Hospital's "International Exchange Program," a program dedicated to sending promising doctors to hospitals and universities abroad. He was selected from Internal Medicine to attend a historical medical university in Berlin, Germany for one year.

Characteristics Edit

Kyosuke has the kind of warm and genuine personality where you instinctively smile simply being in his presence. His friendliness and cheerfulness makes him popular with patients and staff alike. Patients greatly appreciate him for his ability to comfort them and make them feel at ease.

Kyosuke is often lighthearted, playful and flirtatious. This can cause people to think he is careless, fatuous and flippant. However, he strategically plays the fool so others won't take him seriously to avoid being involved in the politics at Ebisu General Hospital. In reality, he is savvy and observant with the ability to easily perceive the feelings of others. He is also naturally compassionate, selfless, and sensitive; he is frequently going out of his way to care for others, ensuring that their physical and emotional well-beings are tended to. Despite his outwardly nonchalant demeanor, he is a truly exceptional doctor. Unfortunately, he struggles with a lack of confidence in his abilities, using his smile and innate charm to hide his insecurities.

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