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Kyo Aizawa
Kyo Aizawa
Height 178cm/5'10"
I'll show you the reason for a mans kindness.

Kyo Aizawa (藍澤匡 Aizawa Kyo) is a servant and potential romance option in Butler Until Midnight. He serves as your personal butler at the Ichijo household.

Biography Edit

Kyo Aizawa was born on August 11th to parents of unknown statuses.

Characteristics Edit

Kyo is quiet, speaking only when it's deemed necessary, and possesses an incredible poker face; it's near impossible to determine what he is thinking or feeling. Although he is described as mysterious, he is dependable, protective, and loyal; the kind of person who will care for you from the shadows. He specializes in speediness and accuracy, surpassing the other butlers in those skills.

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