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Koji Nagumo
Koji Nagumo
Age 23
Occupation Salaryman
Are you okay? Here, take my hand.

Koji Nagumo (南雲幸治 Nagumo Kōji) is your co-worker and a potential romance option in Office Secrets. He is part of Planning Team 2 in the Business Development Department at Infinite Inc.

Biography Edit

Koji Nagumo was born on January 11th to parents of unknown statuses. He is the first person from his hometown to attend and graduate from Tokyo University.

Characteristics Edit

Koji is considered an earnest, hard working individual. He's dedicated to doing what's right and is willing to admit when he was wrong. He is very genuine when it comes to his feelings and intentions, proving that he is reliable and trustworthy. Although he is portrayed as slightly naive, anxious and insecure, he is absolutely dependable and capable. Koji is supportive and a great listener, willing to listen to anyone who needs to vent. He is also a bit of a worrywart, often worrying about you.

Summary of stories Edit

Main story Edit

As members of the New Division, you and Koji are put in charge of a redesign for a brand your company is already promoting. However, you immediately run into hurdles when the two of you realize that the Deputy CEO does not want to use the domestic factories that you have recommended. Does the Deputy CEO have an ulterior motive for ignoring your recommendations? How will you and Koji handle these hurdles when your jobs are at stake?

Screenshots Edit

Gallery Edit

We're sorry! Koji Nagumo's Sequel is currently unreleased. Please check again at a later date.

We're sorry! Koji Nagumo's Sequel is unreleased. Please check again on a later date.

We're sorry! Koji Nagumo's Sequel is unreleased. Please check again on a later date.

Trivia Edit

  • Presumably, Koji was born in 1990.