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Kiyoharu Nanahoshi
Kiyoharu Nanahoshi
Age 28
Height 175cm/5'9"
Weight 68kg/150lbs
Family Sakuya Nanahoshi (brother)
Remember this... My kiss is no lie.

Kiyoharu Nanahoshi (七星清陽 Nanahoshi Kiyoharu) is an investigator and a potential romance option in True Love Sweet Lies. He works as a detective for Fuse Investigations, a detective agency founded by Nozomu Fuse located in Tokyo, Japan.

Biography Edit

Kiyoharu is the eldest of two children. His brother, Sakuya, is his fraternal twin and is younger than him by 2 minutes. When they were in junior high, their parents died and their lives drastically changed thereafter.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kiyoharu wears a single earring on his left earlobe. However, the earring is either completely missing or is on his right earlobe in some of his artwork.