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Kenshi Inagaki
Kenshi Inagaki
Age 25
Occupation Firefighter
Height 182cm/6'0"
Weight 73kg/162lbs

Kenshi Inagaki (稲垣健至 Inagaki Kenshi) is a thief and a potential romance option in Love Letter From Thief X. At night, he is part of The Black Foxes, a notorious group of thieves who retrieve illegally acquired artwork to return to their rightful owners, specializing in sniping. During the day, he is a firefighter for the city of Tokyo, Japan.

Biography Edit

Kenshi was born on February 1st and raised in Tokyo, Japan. His mother is the owner of a traditional Japanese gourmet restaurant, Kikufuji, located in Shinbashi. His father was a firefighter for the city of Tokyo. His grandfather, however, was a thief; he was part of a group of thieves known as Le Renard Noir. This eventually influenced Kenshi to become a thief; to continue delivering justice in honor of his grandfather.

Following high school, Kenshi enrolled in military school.

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Although he enrolled in military school, Kenshi never desired to become part of the National guard. He heard about the school during his senior in high school and was interested in the financial assistance students received throughout the course of their education and training, as well as the jobs after graduation.

He was a senior when his father died while on duty. Shortly thereafter, he dropped out of military school and became a firefighter.

Characteristics Edit

Kenshi is exceptionally considerate and caring.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kenshi was born on February 1st. Presumably, he was born in 1986.
  • Kenshi played American football while he was enrolled in military school; he was the teams tight end.