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Joshua Lieben
ジョシュア リーベン
Joshua Lieben
Age 24
Occupation Crown prince
Height 180cm/5'11"
Always say “yes” to me. I won't forgive insubordination.

Joshua Lieben (ジョシュア リーベン Rīben Joshua) is a prince and a potential romance option in Be My Princess. He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of DresVan in Be My Princess and the grandfather of Sieg Lieben in Be My Princess 2.

Biography Edit

Prince Joshua Lieben was born on January 31st in the Kingdom of DresVan to the King and Queen.

Characteristics Edit

He seems judgmental and harsh at first, seeing that the main character is not a part any royal or noble family, he does not wish to speak or dance with her. He has a hard time expressing himself and can't really compliment people well. He tends to show his feelings for people through discreet actions and gets embarrassed if someone notices these actions. Traditions and rules are very important in Dres Van, so Joshua sometimes seems to be too much of a perfectionist and a stickler for rules. Once Joshua lets his guard down, he is revealed to be a kind, caring and dependable person that would stop at nothing to keep a promise and make the ones he loves happy. His butler is Jan, who really cares for him. Joshua also has a very strong fear of cats and a love of rice balls and sports, especially tennis. And he begins to fall in love with the main character.

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