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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Age 17 (Season one)
20 (Season two)
27 (Season three)
Height 177cm/5'10"
Weight 70kg/155lbs
Idiot! How could I wait any longer? I've waited for ten years!

Ichigo Sato (佐東一護 Sato Ichigo) is your osananajimi, a pâtissier, and potential romance option in Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. His family, the Sato's, own the bakery in Kichijōji. He is voiced by Yūki Kaji in the Japanese commercial for the game and is a featured character in Sweet Cafe by Voltage.

Biography Edit

Ichigo Sato was born on January 5th to a baker and a mother of unknown employment status in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan and was raised in the neighborhood of Kochijōji.

Season One: High School Edit

Ichigo is a junior at your high school and works part-time as a pastry chef at his fathers bakery.

Season Two: 3 Years Later Edit

Ichigo returns to your hometown after studying in Paris, France for a few years and begins working as a pâtissier at a well-known and respected French restaurant. Additionally, he moves out of his parents' house and begins to rent his own apartment.

Season Three: 10 Years Later Edit

Coming soon...

Characteristics Edit

Ichigo is a tease, frequently attempting to playfully provoke you since you were kids. Although you think of him as mean occasionally, he teases you because he likes you. In fact, he likes you so much that he has been possessive of you since childhood, sometimes becoming jealous of others when they tried to play with you.

Aside from being a talented pâtissier, he is also remarkably skillful at having a colossal attitude problem.

Summary of stories Edit

Season One: High School Edit

As you adjust to life back in your hometown, your room at Black Ship unexpectedly becomes uninhabitable and Ichigo offers you a room at his family's residence until yours is repaired. It doesn’t take long for you to notice the strained relationship Ichy has with his family, specifically his father. He also seems dissatisfied with himself, his family’s shop, and your hometown. What is the real reason behind Ichy’s unhappiness? Will you be able to help bring some more laughter into his life? As the two of you spend more and more time together, your relationship becomes unclear. Will Ichigo ever be honest about how he feels about you? Or will someone else swoop in and steal you from him...?

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Trivia Edit

  • Ichigo ranked #18 in Voltage's Characters General Election 2013 poll with 12,964 votes. He then ranked #17 in Voltage's Characters General Election 2014 poll with 23,029 votes.