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Glenn J. Casiraghi
グレン J. カシラギ
Glenn J. Casiraghi
Age 18
Occupation Crown prince
Height 182cm/6'0"
No matter what it takes... I will bring happiness to you, and my people!

Glenn J. Casiraghi (グレン J. カシラギ Kashiragi Guren J.) is a prince and a potential romance option in Be My Princess. He is the crown prince of Oriens in Be My Princess and the grandfather of Kuon J. Casiraghi in Be My Princess 2. He is the youngest of the potential romance options in Be My Princess.

Biography Edit

He is the youngest prince but he seems really mature and dislikes people who treat him like a child. He is jugdmental but inside he is rather shy, romantic and expresses jealousy when other guys hang around the Main Character. He has a younger brother named Alan and his butler is Yu, who is a childhood friend of the Main Character. In both Gree and Voltage versions he is also a childhood friend with the Main Character, who is his first love as a child.

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Yu: Yu is Glenn's butler, revealed later as his cousin. The MC has been friends with him in the past, and Yu had romantic feelings towards her, yet had only expressed it during his route. He's very kind, and helpful, and worries deeply about Alan and Glenn.

Alan: Alan is Glenn's younger brother, no more than seven years old. He had 'declared' the MC as his princess during Glenn's route, and has a playful attitude. However, he's very much like Glenn, disliking people treating him like a child.

Roberto Button: Roberto tends to tease Glenn, calling him 'Glenny-poo' or 'Young Glenn', which irritates him. In response, Glenn had once called him 'old man', which made Roberto playfully cry. They tolerate each other pretty well.

Wilfred A. Spencer: Wilfred's okay with Glenn, since not much interation is between them. However, when Roberto was called 'old man', Wilfred stood up to Roberto, catergorizing himself as an old man as well. Keith and Joshua had also mentioned and mocked Glenn having low blood pressure when he was spacing out, which angered Wilfred because he too had low blood pressure.