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Edward Levaincois
エドワード ルヴァンソワ
Edward Levaincois
Age 23
Occupation Crown prince
Height 182cm/6'0"
If you keep looking at me with your beautiful face, I'm going to fall for you.

Edward Levaincois (エドワード ルヴァンソワ Ruvuansowa Edowādo) is a prince and potential romance option in Be My Princess. He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Charles in Be My Princess and the father of Maximillion Levaincois in Be My Princess 2.

Biography Edit

Edward Levaincois was born on May 15th to the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Charles.

Characteristics Edit

Prince Edward is described as being gentle and charming. However, his sincerity is often questioned due to his kind nature.

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Quotes Edit

  • (During your first encounter) “I'm sure the lovely flowers decorating this ballroom all wish they were quite as captivating as the bloom in your cheeks.”

Trivia Edit

  • Because Charles is analogous to France, Edward's surname possesses a French pronunciation. It is pronounced as 'Luh-vehn-swah', respectively.
  • In Be My Princess For GREE, Edward was born on July 15th. However, in Be My Princess, he was born on May 15th.