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Be My Princess
Be My Princess
Release date 14 March 2012 (JP)
4 December 2012 (NA)
Rated Teen (12+)

Be My Princess (王子様のプロポーズ Ouji-sama no Propose) is an interactive romance novel developed and published by Voltage. The game was released on Apple and Android devices on 14 March 2012 in Japanese and 4 December 2012 in English.[1] It was the 5th game released in English as part of Romance Sims. Additionally, it is a featured game in Sweet Cafe by Voltage

Plot Edit

You are an exchange student in the Charles Kingdom. While wandering around on your first day off, you encounter a random old man. Because you are a generous soul, you offer him a shoulder massage and are awarded his number in return. From there, you stumble into a random course of events that end with you incidentally attending a ball and being propositioned by your choice of 1 of 6 princes... or a butler.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

  • Wilfred A. Spencer: An enigmatic prince who stops to briefly talk to you when he realizes that he hasn’t seen you at any previous parties. 
  • Keith Alford: An arrogant prince who barely spares you a glance after his butlers driving splashes mud all over your clothes.
  • Roberto Button: A flirtatious, lighthearted prince who isn’t afraid to grab your hand within the first 10 seconds of making your acquaintance.
  • Glenn J. Casiraghi: The youngest prince who appears to be the most jaded prince of them all. 
  • Joshua Lieben: A stern prince who can drink really well. 
  • Edward Levaincois: A kind, silver haired prince who compares you to a beautiful flower before even introducing himself. 
  • Zain: The handsome butler of the old man you meet in the prologue.

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References Edit

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