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Asahi Kakyouin
Asahi Kakyouin
Occupation Special Executive, Lifestyle Products
You can't run away from me... I'll make your body remember that!

Asahi Kakyouin (花京院旭 Kakyouin Asahi) is a special executive, your superior, and a potential romance option in My Wedding and 7 Rings. He is the special executive of the Lifestyle Products Department at Sanno Corporation.

Biography Edit

Asahi Kakyouin was born on April 12th to parents of wealthy financial statuses.

Characteristics Edit

Asahi is portrayed as the ultimate oresama; an arrogant narcissist. Asahi doesn't bother accommodating others with his overbearing attitude, but it quick to smile when it comes to business, easily manipulating situations and outcomes to his favor. His aggressive business strategies give him a somewhat infamous reputation in the company, but his capability doesn’t come as naturally as he would have people think it does; he’s a hard worker, and puts in a lot of effort to ensure he receives the results he desires.

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