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Aoi Shirafuji
Aoi Shirafuji
Height 176cm/5'9"
...Can you keep a secret?

Aoi Shirafuji (白藤葵 Shirafuji Aoi) is a servant and potential romance option in Butler Until Midnight. He serves as your personal butler at the Ichijo household.

Biography Edit

Aoi Shirafuji was born on February 2nd to a well-established and wealthy family, the Shirafuji family. He is the youngest of two children; his eldest brother, Kento, was killed in an accident when Aoi was in middle school.

Characteristics Edit

Aoi is portrayed as a gentleman, elegant and possessing indescribably brilliant talent. He is so precise that he is often described as a tactician. His beautiful, friendly face paired with his soft, gentle smile has the power to enchant almost anyone. Although his exterior is usually calm, cool, and collected, he is spontaneous and loves to thrill.

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